Analysis of electromagnetic resonance
Analysis of electromagnetic resonance

Electromagnetic signals emitted by our body is a specific condition of the body and these signals are different depending on the circumstances in which the human body is, health condition or disease manifested preclinical disease.

If we can determine such specific electromagnetic waves we can determine vital status and which is found in the human body.

Based on this principle, the device collects electromagnetic signals the body to analyze health compared with data from the computer.

After installing the software and connecting the analyzer to your computer magnetic resonance sensor applied in the palm of the person to be tested. In a relatively short time (about 1-2 minutes) collects sensor, microprocessor measures and transmits all values ??electromagnetic microwaves.

With the help of specially designed software, the information processed by the microprocessor are sent to your computer, where it can be viewed in the form of 28 detailed reports that clearly explain the terms used are being offered and solutions (cleaning ) general in Romanian.

Because software such reports can be printed by connecting to a printer.

1. Indicated not drink coffee, wine , medicine or other incentives to 2 days before performing a scan for more accurate evaluation.
2. Tried to respect the normal rest.
3. After intense physical activity is shown to rest 1-2 hours before starting the assessment.
4. Testing will not be done immediately after eating.
5. Attire will be casual and cool.
6. Remove metal items near your media.
7. Be relaxed, do not speak and stand still during the examination.

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