Massage Courses

ChinaMedicineSpa will hold the spring-summer 2014 a series of Tui -na massage courses and other traditional Chinese medicine therapies.

This massage technique allows people who have completed a course of massage techniques to improve specific elements of classical Chinese traditional massage. Also, these courses are addressed and those who want to work in the health and beauty without the experience.

We believe that Tui-Na rapidly gaining popularity, becoming a complement classic massage therapy methods. Its positive effects on certain health problems, unlike allopathic treatments, make it an excellent addition to Swedish massage.

Tui-na acts on certain parts and functions of the body, removing blockages and stimulating the body's own healing ability. This massage promotes blood circulation and energy helping the body to decrease or even eliminate pain.

Tui-na is recommended in these diseases and disorders:
- Muscle contractures
- discopathies
- lombosciatica
- arthrosis
- Cervical spondylosis
- Elimination of migraines and headaches
- Eliminate toxins
- Improves blood circulation and lymph
- Increases range of motion in the joints
- Reduces physical and mental stress
- Decreases anxiety
- Eliminate physical fatigue
- Improves sleep problems, etc.

Tui-na restores energy balance and harmony of Ying - Yang.

ChinaMedicineSpa organizes the following courses:

Tui-na massage, duration 20 hours, group of 14 persons, price 500 RON/persoana
Gua Sha massage, duration 10 hours, group of 10 persons, price 300 RON/persoana
Cupping therapy, duration 10 hours, group of 10 persons, price 300 RON/persoana
Moxibustion and mud therapy, duration 10 hours, group of 10 persons, price 350 RON/persoana

For registration please contact us. Courses will be scheduled uopn group completion.

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Cupping therapy
Gua Sha